Among the foremost attractions along the American Riviera, the Santa Barbara Zoo has been delighting visitors young and old since 1963. And with accommodations at Mar Monte Hotel, you’ll find yourself only about a half-mile away from this crowd-pleasing institution!

The Santa Barbara Zoo’s Animalian Lineup

Located at 500 Niños Drive, the Santa Barbara Zoo occupies some 30 beautiful acres close to the American Riviera beachfront, with views stretching from the Santa Ynez Mountains to the Pacific Ocean (just like our hotel!).

On those 30 acres, you’ll find a magnificent menagerie of more than 500 animals representing nearly 150 species. Among that lineup are many native creatures of the Golden State, including California condorsbald eaglesisland foxesCalifornia mountain kingsnakes, and desert iguanas.

Those indigenous California critters prosper alongside birds, beasts, and wee beasties from all over the world. Roaming the naturalistic habitat exhibits here you’ll find Masai giraffescotton-top tamarinssnow leopards, western grey kangarooswestern lowland gorillasmeerkats, and other mammals, plus all sorts of birdlife—kookaburrastoucansflamingosemuspenguins, and more—and marvelous cold-blooded types such as poison dart frogsbearded dragons, and false water cobras.

Even the invertebrate clan—never to be overlooked!—comes well represented with such members as Madagascar hissing cockroaches and Chilean rose hair tarantulas.

Other Attractions at the Santa Barbara Zoo

The animals themselves are, of course, the main attraction at the Santa Barbara Zoo, but there are other enticements as well. A ride on the Zoo Train is delightful, and the younger crowd will also appreciate the Kallman Family Play Arena.

The zoo also maintains a bevy of on-site restaurants, cafes, and food carts, so you needn’t worry about working up a mean hunger while fraternizing with the feathered and four-legged marvels that call this place home.

And there’s also a regular lineup of special events, not least such holiday happenings as Boo at the Zoo (running this year on October 20th, 22nd, 27th, 28th, and 29th) and ZooLights (which begins November 15th and continues into mid-January of 2024).

Visit the Santa Barbara Zoo During Your Stay at Mar Monte Hotel

Our boutique hotel, part of the Unbound Collection by Hyatt, not only puts you within a 3 min walk to the Santa Barbara Zoo, but also all sorts of other American Riviera attractions, not least those alluring Pacific sands themselves.

Book a fall getaway at Mar Monte Hotel, and spend some quality time with the gibbons, lions, macaws, and other fantastic residents of the Santa Barbara Zoo while you’re enjoying our hospitality!

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